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He began his career working as a cameraman for TV Continental in Rio de Janeiro. He worked as a photographer in the Journal of Brazil (1963) and was commissioned in Jornal da Tarde (1965), which began to be published. He also worked for the newspaper O Estado de S.Paulo and Editora Abril, first in the magazine Reality (1967) and later on in Veja magazine (1968-1970).

In 1970 becomes Press correspondent in Paris in April and Latin America by the year 1975, when he began working as a freelance photographer and publish your photos in various magazines in Europe and North America. 

He was a professor in the journalism program at the Catholic University of Sao Paulo between 1979 and 1980.  This year he worked for the Department of Journalism of the Globo Television Network in Sao Paulo.

In 1967he won the Esso Journalism Award and Travel Award 1980 in Germany, awarded by the Federal Republic of Germany.